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Alison Postma
Anh Dao Ha
Camila Jordan
Guilad Katz
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Izzy Yang
Reese Rousseau
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Voidfill Studio
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Wear Your Chair is a Pink Essay project at the intersection of furniture and streetwear. For our first WYC tshirt drop, we invited our community of “designheads” to send us their chair designs and received submissions from around the world, resulting in a piece of apparel that celebrates the diversity of our design community.

Our second edition celebrates our growing designhead community with 12 chairs from designers around the world — an homage to the transformational state of design today. Together, we’re designing the future and re-designing design culture.

The Designers

Alessandro Pagura / @apagrocky

Alessandro Pagura is a Furniture and Industrial Designer based in San Francisco. Originally hailing from the Midwest, he has spent his career thus far in the Interiors and Industrial Design industries designing furniture, toys, homegoods, pet products, and more.

Alessandro focuses his personal work on the intersection of play and practice, using physical and digital means to bridge the gap between utilitarian practicality and joyful expression. Harnessing his background in designing products for manufacturing, he keeps simplicity and feasibility at the forefront when bringing whimsical ideas to life.

Balloon Chair2023, Digital: Fusion 360 and Keyshot. Intended to be cloudy ABS plastic with metal screws.

Alison Postma / @rumalow

Alison Postma is based in Toronto, and has a practice that combines their background in visual arts with woodworking and furniture design.

Alison Postma approaches design as art, creating playful, sculptural, one-of-a-kind pieces.

kissing chair, 2022, solid maple and maple veneer.

Anh Dao Ha / @deitysalon

Deity Salon is the moniker for Anh Dao Ha's independent design practice. Based in NYC, she creates objects and furniture drawing inspiration from Vietnamese aesthetics and personal experiences.

At her core Anh Dao is a storyteller looking to evoke sentimentality through her designs. She blurs the lines between textile exploration, object making, and journaling to weave hyper-personal experiences with functional objects for everyone.

Floral Street Food Stool Concept, 2023, Digital (This is a concept for a piece or collection of pieces). The form is a mass produced plastic street food stool that is seen in Vietnam and many other cultures that have street food culture. The floral pattern that is wrapped around the form is from fabric that I sourced in Saigon and am currently using in my next project.

Camila Jordan / @cam_jordan_

Camila Jordan is an Argentinian Industrial Designer based in Paris. Inclined towards Furniture and Product Design she has worked in several design studios before starting her own practice. Most recently, she decided to pursue a Master of Arts, focusing on artwork production with materials coming from the earth, such as metal, glass and ceramics among others.

Camila Jordan design practice focuses on the intersection between art / design, handmade / machine-made, singular / serial production. Camila understands her practice as the act of repurposing an artisanal technique with an industrial procedure and vice-versa.

"Flying River" - A Study on the Cuenca del Plata Basin, 2023, sand-cast aluminum.

Guilad Katz / @guiladofficeofdesign

Guilad Office Of Design (G.O.O.D.) is a Brooklyn based studio founded by Guilad Katz in 2020. Guilad is an Industrial Designer with a background in Architecture. Born and raised in Mexico City, Guilad is a student of the shared languages between Mexico City and New York, specially their endless need for nature and culture.

G.O.O.D. explores the relationships between materials and the environment, searching the unknown regions of design and recognizing it as a conscious essence that relates and responds to the many worlds we live in.

MyZen Meditation Seat, 2020, Mycelium inoculated on hemp substrate.

Gustavo Barroso / @gustavobarroso.eth

Gustavo Barroso (b. 1995) is a Brazilian artist & designer that seeks to embody the human experience by means of subversion and absurdism. While known for his speculative work with chairs, mediums of exploration include sculpture, fashion, painting and product.

Barroso’s work juxtaposes vibrant colors, whimsical forms, and pop culture iconography with familiar objects like chairs, tables, shoes, and even bricks. He acknowledges the mundane and subverts it to produce exemplars of absurdity through materialism and reference. As a creator, Barroso leverages virtual reality and 3D-printing in tandem with mold-making, casting, and papier-mâché.

Sad Chair (Blue Velvet) - edition of 10 + 2AP. signed + numbered, 2023, Wood, steel, soft foam, velvet.

Izzy Yang / @izzy.yang

Izzy Yang is a Brooklyn based artist. She graduated with a BFA in Furniture Design from RISD in 2023.

Izzy's work celebrated the in-extraordinary by creating objects for everyday life that emphasize the beauty of routine. She centers her work around the mundane– undressing, dressing, and readying the self– in order to restore dignity to these overlooked tasks. Grounding herself in the natural and domestic worlds, Izzy works primarily with elemental materials such as wood, metal and clay. She works continually to blur the lines between fiction and function, routine and ritual.

Tangent Chair,  2022, Dyed ash, steel.

Parafernalia / @parafernali.a

Parafernalia was founded by Sebastián Zorrilla and Genki Matsumura in 2021. The pair met in school while attending design classes, graduated and formalized their practice as Parafernalia, pushed by the initial success of their first collection and their creative synergy.

Parafernalia is a multidisciplinary creative studio that uses material discourses as tools for (de/re)contextualizing critical perspectives, resulting in objects whose materiality inform their design as much as the hands involved in their making.

Silla Horchata, designed in 2019, initially made out of carbon steel, now being produced exclusively in stainless steel, and painted with electrostatic powder coat paint.

Reese Rousseau / @reese.jpeg

Reese Rousseau is an artist and designer based out of Milwaukee WI. He received a BFA from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design in 2022, with a focus on both Communication and Furniture Design. His work explores the intersections of publication design, furniture, and photography.

Reese Rousseau’s practice revolves around ground level materials and imagery. Informed by graffiti, construction, and punk/skate subcultures, authenticity and craftsmanship are core values. The DIY ethics extends into all facets of his practice, aiming to introduce a visible hand whenever possible.

Type 01 Folding Chair, 2022-2023, Plywood, Angle iron, 3M Vinyl.

Reggy St-Surin / @regg.y_

Reggy St-Surin is a Designer and self-taught Digital Artist based in Montreal. Besides working under his own name, he also co-founded PRPS Design Studio along with friend and colleague Paul Pointet.

Despite graduating in Industrial Design, his approach is more artistic rather than practical. He tends to see design as a bridge between form and functionality and he uses it as a way to better express himself. He takes pleasure in creating playful reinterpretations of common objects, resulting in a series of creations based on his sensibility.

Tom, 2023, Wooden structure covered with polyurethane foam and velvet fabric.

Voidfill Studio / @voidfillstudio

VOIDFILL STUDIO was started by Sebastian Bidegain in 2020 as a means to showcase his work as he shifted into the art and design world. Sebastian is an Artist, Designer, and Scientist whose work centers around 3D printing and technology.

Sebastian combines 3D printing with various other fabrication and finishing techniques. He has designed several lamps, jewelry, unconventional furniture pieces, and wearable electronics that have been showcased during NYCxDESIGN week.

Globular Chair, 2022, 3D printed PLA plastic, fiberglass, epoxy resin, automotive paint.

Yaejin Park / @tattooist_basil

Yaejin is currently working as a geometric artist based in Korea. She is mainly known as @tattooist_basil, and she is expanding her artwork made of geometric shapes.

Yaejin's works consist of simple and refined shapes that represent the real world. Through the use of different materials, she infuses her drawings and objects with meaning. Her art bridges the gap between ideas and reality, enhancing our understanding of the world

The Cradle, 2017, Iron, suede.


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