Tito Gonzalez is a DESIGNHEAD

Blog — 8.30.22

Name: Tito Gonzalez

Age: 31

Location: LA

Instagram: @tito.art.design

Website: titoart.design

by Tito Gonzalez

Are you a designer? Why or why not?
Oftentimes I feel like I'm not! I have SERIOUS imposter syndrome. Even though I attended a top art and design school, it felt like I was never good enough to be there. Until recently, I have realized how powerful my design abilities are, and now even teach at my alma mater!

One word to describe your take on design:

The last thing you made:
Wavy Leg Stool

The next thing you want to make:
A furniture line inspired by LA civic design...

A designed object you adore:
Anything Gaetano Pesce, but specifically his sunrise over New York sofa.

by Gaetano Pesce

A designed object you can’t stand the sight of:
Iphones when they were rounded, 6-11  idk why they look ugly to me the first one is bomb tho


A moment of pure creative joy:
It was peak pandemic and I had nothing to do. My ex-husband and I moved to a big two story house from a tiny studio and we had very little furniture. I decided to make things for fun in my garage. I was hooked. I wasn't doing it for anyone but myself. I had all the time in the world. I wasn't on social media. It was a pure stream of creative consciousness.

When we say “designing the future,” what comes to mind?
Designing the future? Eeek. I used to be so hyperfocused on futurism. Most of design and art is forward facing. And one can become irrelevant if one is too contemporary. So with that said, designing the future is understanding your place in the world. Knowing the past and present and seeing how you fit in the future of culture. For me, that is making people realize that there can be a different way to live. Nothing has to be the way it is. Especially the way your lived spaces look like.  

If you could show your work to anyone in the world, who would it be?
Lancia Stratos

by Lancia Stratos

Your aesthetic embodied as a...

Sad Ambient Synths

Milky Transluscentish Neon Yellow

The fabric in the LA buses

Your *grail*: if you could own one iconic design work, what would it be?
Lancia Stratos Prototypo car...

by Lancia Stratos

What’s next for you?
I don't know yet.... and that is ok :)


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