Tarshaa Krishnaraj is a Designhead

Blog — 12.7.22

<What’s design got to do with it? DESIGNHEADS is a Pink Essay interview series featuring the new generation of designers, tastemakers, and creatives *shaking up* the design world.>

Name: Tarshaa Krishnaraj

Age: 21

New York City



Are you a designer? Why or why not?:
I am a designer second, an artist first. I love thinking about food and furniture within liminal immigrant spaces.

One word to describe your take on design:

The last thing you made:
An anti-heat saree chair called 'Kulir' with sanded metal, saree and handheld fans.

The next thing you want to make:
A horizontal metal rock with cushions embedded inside. Ambitious but I am starting next week!

A designed object you adore:
My Tamil calendar. I do not know how to read it, but it's an object from home that takes me back to my days in India (quite literally).

A designed object you can’t stand the sight of:
Scaffolding. It's not only plain ugly, it also steals the charms of its neighboring objects.

A moment of pure creative joy:
Cooking for someone I love. It's vulnerable and an act of labor. When I am interacting curiously with my external surroundings, that's when the ideas flow. And as long as I have ideas, I know I’m still young.

When we say “designing the future,” what comes to mind?
Being able to see the designer in the design and the artist in the artwork :)

If you could show your work to anyone in the world, who would it be?
bell hooks.

Your aesthetic embodied as a
  • Sound? Splash of water on a searing cast iron pan.
  • Color? Evening.
  • Texture? Stacks.

Your *grail*: if you could own one iconic design work, what would it be?:
Tom Botner’s customized kitchen knife.

What’s next for you?:
Super excited to go back into my studio after a week-long hiatus.

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