“Pink Essay: the platform on the quest to democratize design” — Pink Essay feature in Salone di Mobile.Milano 

November 2022

Pink Essay featured in Salone di Mobile.Milano’s digital publication, highlighting our mission and Wear Your Chair 001 Exhibition:

Based between New York and Mexico City, Pink Essay’s mission is transcendental. Online, their YK2 inspired website spotlights underrepresented talent through an editorial series called Design Heads. On Instagram, they provide a community of over 100 thousand followers with a platform to showcase their work. Offline, they gather people together by curating “free for all” exhibitions and events.  
Both David and Matt have a particular obsession for chairs. According to them, it’s the most democratic and ubiquitous piece of furniture, “Everybody has a chair” they say. And it is exactly this primordial item that inspired their latest exhibition titled Wear Your Chair, currently on show at Nomia in East Williamsburg, New York until November 20th. We sat down with the creative duo to learn more about the concept and their work.

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