Pink Essay for Gufram: PRATONE — Brand Collaboration

Original Collage & Social Media Animation/Video
We had the distinct pleasure of collaborating with Gufram on the "Gufram: Past/Present/Future by Pink Essay" project, celebrating the unique and whimsical design of the PRATONE® chair.

Undeniably one of the most memorable and influential seats in contemporary design history, the PRATONE®—a post-modern pop of grass crafted from soft polyurethane—has enchanted design enthusiasts with its surreal form and playful demeanor since 1971. Through dynamic collages and animations, we captured the modular chaise lounge's journey across history and catapulted it into the future. This project is a testament to the PRATONE®'s compelling identity and Gufram's enduringly relevant design approach.

This collaboration marks another step in our mission at Pink Essay to "re-design design culture." Through physical and digital experiences, exhibitions, and objects, we continue to explore the transformative world of furniture and object design. 


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