Aly Akers Chair in Perspective Tilted Maple Chair 200 USD

Alyssa Beza Subliminal Round Ceramic Lamp 450 USD

Bronsin Ablon Pillow Stools in Green and White 900 USD

Caos Mote Cinderblock Table and Mini Candle 1700 USD

Emmanuel Popoteur PVC Chair and Mini PVC Chair 2500 60 USD

MORFA (Fernando Icazbalceta Fernanda Oseguera) Accordion Floral Shape Lamps 140 USD each

Guapo x Sitting Alone guapo rocker plywood 3000 USD

Guilad Katz Mushroom Mycelium Lamp 180 USD

Gustavo Barroso Branded Billboard Chair 650 USD

Hayley Cranberry Small with Candle Object Candelabra in Cherry Blossom, Arboreal Candelabra in Almond Crackle 350/300 250/200 USD

Isabel Rower Matching Collaged Chair and Side Table NFS USD

James Williams III LT4L Grid Table from the Living Tables collection 1200 USD

James Cherry Grid Lamp 1 2500 USD

Jaye Kim Quarantine Ceramic Lamp 2022 USD

John Vieweg The Traveler - Quilted Green Strap Chair NFS USD

Lane Walkup Pearly Gate Metalwork Chair 2999 USD

Lorna Simpson Stone and Wood Sculptural Chair 750 USD

Lucy Han Echo Chamber Roped Mirror NFS

Mike Serra Milking Stool Tripod Chair 3000 USD

Nick Baker Strap Chair in Wood 10000 USD

Nick Pourfard Glass Pillow Mirror 3800 USD

Nifemi Ogunro Wood 5-legged Mini Table NFS USD

Phil Panza Bumps on a Log Rocking Daybench 2999 USD

Points of Sail Navigation Lamp 1000 USD

Safwat Riad Clover Mirror 3000 USD

Sebastian Bidegain Mini Lamps in Yellow, Blue, Red, and Concrete 150 230 USD

Shaina Tabak Mirror Shelf 2000 USD

Sophie Colle Splat Side Tables by Sophie Collé for Areaware 190 140 USD

Thomas d'Enfert Partner Stool Step Chair 1200 USD

Yuki Gray Reed Wall Sconce and How to Find the Right Pebble Table 600 2300 USD

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