Physical Education: Parallax 101

Parallax 101 is a study of the perceptual effects created by relationships between furniture and people.

Physical Education: Physical Education is an ongoing series presented by Pink Essay promoting design education as an act of exploration; tactile, autodidactic, nonlinear, in the form of events, discussions, curated shows and video content.

Through PHYSICAL EDUCATION we discover ourselves and in doing so, we discover our world.

Parallax: Parallax describes the effect of perceiving an object differently based on the location of the perceiver. This definition can be interpreted in a literal way (objects in front of you, seemingly, move faster than those that are far away), but it also suggests a metaphorical situation in which the same object appears differently to different perceivers, (someone who has familiarity with an object will view it differently than someone who is seeing it for the first time).

Product: Furniture describes a category of objects that facilitate human activity. This intrinsic relation between human and furniture creates a variety of perceptual qualities unlike those contained within other items.

Characteristics of furniture, be they visual, cultural or functional, can be changed based on the location of the perceiver in space and time. By acknowledging the fundamental relativity of furniture, we can begin to use perception as a tool of design.

People: This exhibition highlights several furniture designers using both literal, and metaphorical parallax in various ways. However, in all cases this perceptual effect is used in service of creating nuanced and complex artifacts.

These artifacts may differ in terms of their materials and expression, but they all conduct a dialogue between people and furniture, the perceiver and the perceived.


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