A community-driven series celebrating the dynamic process of design

Launching soon on @pinkessay, PHYSICAL EDUCATION: WARM-UPS is an ongoing video series all about the design process in action, featuring community members exploring ideation, materials, construction, and more.



What you’ll need:
  • A 15-30 second video of your design process in action (drawing, rendering, building, glueing, destroying, starting over, testing, or whatever this means to you!)
  • 1-2 sentences describing what is happening in the video
  • 1-2 sentences about yourself and your work
  • Your Instagram handle
  • Your location

What you’ll do: 
Email all of these things to us at with the subject, PE Warm-ups with [Your Name]


We will do our best to share every video that we receive that aligns with our goals here at PE! We’re a small team, so please be patient - we will make sure to tag you in your video if and when we share it ︎

*By sharing your video with us, you are granting us the rights to cut the video for clarity and to share the video on our IG with Pink Essay graphics attached. Thanks!


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