︎ Project Type: Group Exhibition
︎ Partner: Kin Euphorics, NYCxDESIGN
︎ Year: 2021
︎ Project Feeling: Community-oriented, Restorative

How can we investigate the perceptual effects created by relationships between furniture and people?

In our first Physical Education exhibition, we brought together a roster of emerging designers and artists to explore these dynamics.

Physical Education is an ongoing series presented by Pink Essay promoting design education as an act of exploration; tactile, autodidactic, nonlinear, in the form of events, discussions, curated shows and video content.

Through PHYSICAL EDUCATION we discover ourselves and in doing so, we discover our world.

Parallax 101 was featured as a recommended exhibition by NYCxDESIGN in Fall 2021.

Pink Essay is a creative studio & platform re-designing design culture. We make experiences + exhibitions + archives, synthesizing the digital and physical.

We believe that good design is democratic, accessible, antiracist, sustainable and collaborative.
Design culture is on the move: people are excited and ready to see what we can make when we believe in the power of objects as tools of human growth and community connection.

We’re here to make connections, tell stories, and build a new design culture.