Pink EssayExhibitions

“Open Studio”

A design exhibition for the students, apprentices, and the self-taught.

︎September 2020

︎Lichen — Brooklyn, NY

Alexandra Venegas
Aly Akers
Soft Studio
Danny Rosa
Fernando Icazbalceta,
Fernanda Oseguera
Hayley Cranberry Small
James "RONG" Williams III
James Cherry
John Henshaw
Lewis Kemmenoe
Lucy Han
Mike Serra
Nicholas Whitfield
Nifemi Ogunro
Owen Pace
Sophie Colle
Tania Doumbe Fines
Yaazd Contractor
Yens Cuyvers
Yuki Gray

Curatorial Statement

Design, like education, is a process. As a team, we want to celebrate not only those designers at the heights of their careers, but those just starting out—students, apprentices, autodidacts.

OPEN STUDIO Volume 1 was a collaborative exhibition and portfolio publication of student, apprentice, and self-taught work, by upcoming object and furniture designers. The project was born in response to the pandemic and the lack of in-person and engaging opportunities for those in active learning roles.

For the exhibition, we partnered with design studio and retail space LICHEN in Brooklyn. Their team brought an eye for installation that was invaluable in the process, and, combined with our team’s curation, helped to make the show a resounding success.

To construct the portfolio pubulication, we thought about individuality, process, and materials use. We gravitated toward pieces that made us stop and look, through their complexity or simplicity, and were struck by the diversity of work we received.


Exhibition Catalog — Designed by Julianna Santolucito

Opening Reception

Pink Essay is a creative studio & platform re-designing design culture. We make experiences + exhibitions + archives, synthesizing the digital and physical.

We believe that good design is democratic, accessible, antiracist, sustainable and collaborative.

Design culture is on the move: people are excited and ready to see what we can make when we believe in the power of objects as tools of human growth and community connection.

We’re here to make connections, tell stories, and build a new design culture.