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Jared Heinrich and Aric Yeakey, co-founders of Love House, curate an eclectic collection of vintage and contemporary pieces with a
personal twist.

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Images courtesy of Love House

The culture of disposability that has become commonplace in every aspect of our lives feels tiring and induces spatial anxiety when furnishing our homes. The market has led to a more socially responsible response to fast furniture—buy vintage. The business of vintage furniture offers something for everyone—the treasured thrift store find to the carefully curated design showrooms that have seen wide success here in New York and other urban centers. Today, we are featuring one of our favorite vintage furniture showrooms, Love House. Love House is the collaborative effort of Jared Heinrich and Aric Yeakey, who have gathered a collection of pieces that span history and design movements while maintaining a cohesive sense of vision. Love House has recently moved into the space of custom production, creating pieces that extend their orientation toward enduring principles of design.

What were your respective relationships with furniture prior to your work at Love House?

Our relationship with furniture began with a curiosity for interior design. We would spend hours rearranging each other’s homes, playing around with proportions and how the eye travels through the space. Once our friends started asking us to help decorate their apartments and curate furniture we realized this is something we could do everyday. On our move from Los Angeles to New York, we drove across the country and stopped at every antique store we could find—we’ve been obsessed with vintage pieces ever since. 

Your aesthetic is simultaneously eclectic and unifiedwhat do you look for when you source your pieces?

We look for interesting materials and shapes first and foremost, and believe in eclectic design as to not limit ourselves to one period or style. We’re drawn to unique materials and particularly love stone, exotic woods, and lacquer finishes. We don’t like to get hung up on name-brand pieces and avoid common designs you can find in most vintage stores. It’s also a balance between mixing old with new.

In your respective opinions, why do you think we’re seeing a renewed interest in vintage furniture as of late? Do you think this is a particular response to the state of the world, or something else?

Fast furniture has exhausted the market and we feel people are in search of more unique items. At the same time, people are more aware than ever about the environmental impact of mass-produced items and are looking for a more sustainable option. From a design standpoint, people prefer having pieces that tell a story, that are multi-generational, and that are one-of-a-kind.

What designers or design houses most excite you all when you come across them?

We tend to gravitate towards American and Italian designers and design houses. We are big fans of the Pace Collection as their pieces are so well crafted and their designs are timeless—our Irving Rosen for Pace Collection bed is held together by just 8 screws! Italian designers like Bruno Munari, Tobia Scarpa, and Massimo and Lella Vignelli always get us excited. The list could go on forever!

How do you see Love House expanding in the future?

We are both from the West Coast so we have our sights on a California location next. We’d like to expand our line of custom-designed pieces and take on interior decorating projects. We’ve always dreamt of designing an experiential space where people can be immersed in our aesthetic in a non-retail setting. We’re excited to see what's next for us.︎