Letter from the Editor

January 18th, 2022

By David Eardley

︎It’s been a collectively eventful past year to say the least. Globally, we’ve continued to endure and build community in spite of this massively overwhelming experience of the pandemic. It’s the little glimmers of joy that carry me through: seeing friendships built through a shared love for design, seeing barriers being broken down by designers and artists from underrepresented communities, engaging with exhibitions that offer an alternative to the homogenized aesthetic of luxury design - all of these experiences give me confidence that we can build a design community that helps to grow a new world.

Back back way when I started Pink Essay, our newsletter (2019-2020) was a huge part of the project. For our newer audience: the PE newsletter was a series of monthly interviews and special features, all centered around design within the built environment.

The newsletter offered lighthearted and unpretentious reading for the design-curious, and an opportunity to build relationships between PE and designers and creatives we had a lot of admiration for. As much fun as it was, it was also a massive amount of work for our tiny team, and we ended up taking an indefinite hiatus ︎

Around two years and many exhibitions, community events, and collaborations, we’re ready for a comeback - specifically, a newsletter reboot! One of our big goals for 2022 is to refocus on building community - the newsletter has been and will be a big part of this.

Newsletter 1.0 - Download back issues here

With the relaunch of the newsletter, you can look forward to: interviews with designers and tastemakers, curatorial design roundups, work reviews, and lots of special features. We’ve updated the look of the newsletter, with a focus on personal portraits the people involved, and have built out a mobile-friendly section of our website where you can easily explore archival interviews. 

Our work has always been community driven, and now more than ever we’re interested in hearing from you. Who and what is drawing your attention these days? What kind of change would you like to see in  design? What’s new and exciting?

Here’s the thing: when design functions as intended, it changes the world for the better. We want to make a space that lives by this principle and to rethink what it means to talk about design. Design should be joyful and energetic, and, most importantly, it should be for everyone.

We’re hoping you feel this energy from us as we relaunch the newsletter and look forward to collaborating with you along the way. Stay tuned :) ︎

Pink Essay is a creative studio & platform re-designing design culture. We make experiences + exhibitions + archives, synthesizing the digital and physical.

We believe that good design is democratic, accessible, antiracist, sustainable and collaborative.

Design culture is on the move: people are excited and ready to see what we can make when we believe in the power of objects as tools of human growth and community connection.

We’re here to make connections, tell stories, and build a new design culture.