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Designer Leah Ring of Another Human brings the outer reaches of the universe to the insides of our homes.

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Images courtesy of Leah Ring

Space travel and Los Angeles are two influences in the work of today’s featured creator/designer, Leah Ring of Another Human. When I first came across Leah’s work, I remember one image in particular—a cobalt chair that seems to bend and sway in the wind as a nearly transparent side table shimmers nearby. A rust-colored cloud floats by on a canary yellow background, and it seems as if you have been transported somewhere else entirely. Blending materials like metallic crinkle paper, gathered like confetti, and clean, colorless acrylic, her work balances the twin faces of LA—neon and sunlight.

What are your memories of furniture growing up? Which pieces had a lasting impression on you?

When I was a child, I just viewed furniture as a large prop or toy in whatever imaginary scene I was dreaming up—how could I jump on it, over it, move it, build a fort out of it, etc. I suppose the feeling of joy that I try to infuse into all of my work is related to this sense of childlike play and imagination—the idea that a piece of furniture can be more than just a piece of furniture—it can be art, it can spark joy, it can cause your mind to wander to far off places. There aren't any specific pieces of furniture that I latched onto as a child - I really discovered what I know now of the furniture world when I was in my twenties and I feel like I've just started on this wonderful creative journey.

Your work is so joyful. What brings you joy?

So many things bring me joy! I tend to be drawn to artists and designers across many fields (music, fine art, design, etc.) who are pretty out there conceptually and irreverent in their approach. I really respect artists who make unique and important work while maintaining a sense of humor and light heartedness—I find that quality so appealing. Bright colors bring me a lot of joy (which might be evident through my work), a great playlist, the smell of jasmine, my favorite ramen—honestly tons of things bring me joy. I think being happy is a choice you make every day and obviously some days are better than others, but I try to find joy in the little things as much as possible.

Do you have any particular texts or objects that you return to?

I was just given a copy of Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke and I'm quite excited to read that. I don't really have particular objects that I return to, but I do keep a lot of interesting materials and samples in my studio so I'm surrounded by things that might spark an idea. I also am an avid Pinterest user and every now and again I like to comb through the things that I've found inspiring to get creatively energized and excited about experimenting with new materials, techniques and forms.

What materials are you most drawn to?

This sort of evolves over time and it really depends upon the piece. I work with acrylic a lot because there's so much you can do with the material and I like how futuristic it looks. However, my practice is so young that I want to constantly keep pushing myself to try new things and work with new materials. The new pieces I'm working on right now that are in the very early stages of development are in glass and fiberglass which I haven't worked with in the past.

What space do you most enjoy seeing your work live in? Have you made any particular memorable connections with a space or collector?

I just want my work to bring joy to people, so I don't really mind where it ends up as long as the client is happy. I work a lot with interior designers who often customize the pieces for their project which is always really fun to see. Often the pieces are incorporated into an interior in ways I could never have imagined which is really exciting and rewarding as a designer.

What projects are on the horizon?

I'm about to release a new version of my Stacks Bench and two new limited edition versions of my Tubular Magazine Rack which are really fun, I'm working on a collaboration with a very cool gallery which will likely be released next year and I'm currently working on five interiors projects—three residential, one office space and one recording studio—so those are keeping me busy! Then I'm always trying to develop new work and prototype and keep experimenting on the product side.︎