LA OFICINA Exhibition
Pink Essay x EN EL 14
February 9-16, 2024
Mexico City

What is an office? As our work lives and technology has evolved over the past decades, our idea of what an office is or can be has continuously expanded. Despite this evolution, there is an endearing quality to the objects that create an office — tools of work and sometimes play, sentiment mixed with practicality, the personal and the professional combined.

this exhibition, our 8th pink essay show, we partnered with EN EL 14, an multidisciplinary art space in the historic Torre Latino to invite 26 designers and artists from our community to reinterpret a common office object from a list of 40 options. The result? A strange and wonderful blend of objects ranging from desk organizers to ashtrays to calendars. Like with every pink essay exhibition, la oficina is an exploration of radical design subculture — our core ideal of a more fluid, expansive, and open vision for design.
Mauricio Garza
(ro)drigo méndez sosa
Mercedes G.L.O
Leonardo Garza
Maximiliano Rosiles
Héctor Alvizo
Danielle Firoozi
Ana Melissa Olivares
Andrea Felgueres Nacach
Damon Barrs
Iran Dimas
Norberto Miranda Feldhahn
Paloma Villalobos
Pamela Hernández Venegas
Sebastián Bidegain
Tatsumi Milori Matsumoto
Zai Vega
Krystal Paniagua
Andy Medina


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