James Langford is a DESIGNHEAD

Blog — 8.27.22

Name: James Langford

Age: 25

Location: Los Angeles



“Earth and the Clouds” Storage Unit by James Langford

Are you a designer? Why or why not?
Yes - but still defining the gray space between design and art. What I do is fundamentally design in that I solve problems with creative solutions. But I'm also looking to illicit a feeling in my viewers or make a metaphor through the form, materiality, etc

One word to describe your take on design:

The last thing you made:
A sculpture dedicated to all the time I thought I wasted when I was actually learning

The next thing you want to make:
Something that tells the time kinetically

A designed object you adore:
Wallbots by Otto Ng


A designed object you can’t stand the sight of:
Those little drapes under grandma couches

A moment of pure creative joy:
Applying a new skill into my work for the first time

When we say “designing the future,” what comes to mind?
Additive manufacturing, and creating things worth keeping. Why make waste a part of our design process when we're seeing it's negative effects more and more every day? We have knitting machines, 3D printers, and biomaterials like mycelium, and we’re learning more about them every day.

If you could show your work to anyone in the world, who would it be?

Your aesthetic embodied as a...

King Night by Salem

Rust & Hi-viz orange

Romanesco Cauliflower

Your *grail*: if you could own one iconic design work, what would it be?
Zaha's Moraine sofa

Morain Sofa by Zaha Hadid

What’s next for you?
Locking in deeper into the things that make me tick; isolating myself from the distractions.


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