Curated design by
David Eardley and
Anna Theroux Ling

Our Story

Pink Essay started as personal collection of archival design images and has grown into an online design archive featuring new and progressive work from over the world.

This past year, we expanded with our new project, Roomy, which features the objects we live with and the stories behind them.

Pink Essay is our love letter to design, which we hold as a tool for building community and quality of life. We believe that good design is democratic, accessible, antiracist, sustainable and collaborative. 

David Eardley and Anna Theroux Ling, Directors

About Us

David Eardley is a writer, curator, designer, and creative consultant based in NYC. He is the founder of Pink Essay and FRUITCUP NYC, a new interior design brand.

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Anna Theroux Ling is an artist and filmmaker. Born and raised in Japan, trained in the UK, currently based in NYC.

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