Guiselle Milanés

What’s design got to do with it?


DESIGNHEADS is an interview series profiling the next generation of designers, tastemakers, and creatives *shaking up* the design world.

Name: Guiselle Milanés

Age: 23

Location: Costa Rica

Instagram: @guisellx

Website: don’t have one yet but it is under construction :’)

Are you a designer? Why or why not? I guess I’m a designer because I like to make cool stuff and, at the end of the day, I have to find practical solutions to make them happen.

One word to describe your take on design: honest

The last thing you made: a shoe rack that can turn into a coffee table in collaboration with Santa Furia studio.

The next thing you want to make: ceramic objects

A designed object you adore: 16 legged table on wheels designed by Wendy Andreu

A designed object you can’t stand the sight of: midcentury furniture but with a DIY makeover

A moment of pure creative joy: consuming, selecting, and taking pictures

When we say “designing the future,” what comes to mind? Change the way we know how to do things, work together as a collective to get our needs met, more joy, leisure and compassion.

If you could show your work to anyone in the world, who would it be? Artist and filmmaker Frank Lebon

Your aesthetic embodied as a...

sound? modular synth sound

color? neutrals

texture? stainless steel

Your grail: if you could own one iconic design work, what would it be? Gerrit Rietveld’s Rare Elling Cabinet

What’s next for you? Launch Santa Furia’s new furniture collection designed in collaboration with architect and designer Luis Rubino.︎


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