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Aaron Aujla and Ben Bloomstein of Green River Project LLC make the case for a return to artisan processes.

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Photos courtesy of Green River Project LLC

In a world saturated by tech, Green River Project LLC (Aaron Aujla and Ben Bloomstein) produces pieces that are a welcome antidote—organic, research-based furniture created from materials such as Douglas Fir and tobacco. Their work balances homage to traditional craftsman methods of production while engaging seamlessly with contemporary spaces and is presented in four seasonal installments per year. Aaron and Ben recently partnered with Bode, a brand likewise known for their appreciation for artisan practices, to produce a set of stools as part of their second collection of 2019.

What prompted you all as a team to settle on four collections a year?

Aaron: It was a great way to work to allow us to explore four separate and unique narratives a year. We have a lot of different ideas that don't necessarily fall into the same creative categories, so this allows us to compartmentalize them.

What objects or furniture within your own homes are most significant to you? What environments within the city most bring you joy and creative flow?

Aaron: Ben and I are in the final stages of finishing my own home, completely gut renovation, so almost everything is Green River Project LLC. I have the very first One Pine-Board Chair Ben made almost ten years ago—that’s pretty special. Other than that, there are a bunch of small little treasures collected over the years of traveling and collecting that have personal significance, like this small Lotus pod I was given in New Delhi, that I keep on my coffee table.

Ben: I made a Welsh stick chair in England with a chair maker in 2016 at an arboretum. It was the first time I worked with green wood and taking the wood directly from the tree immediately, building a chair on the site that the tree was cut down was a really interesting experience. Driving around in my car when there's no traffic ends up lending itself to pretty creatively productive time.

I’m intrigued by your work with Bode. What similarities do you notice between your work and Bode’s? How did this partnership come about?

Ben: She works with a narrative each season which is similar to what we do, and we both work within parameters that are laid out by historical craft makers and artisans. We've all known each other for ten years, so the flow of working together is really easy.

What projects are next on the horizon?

Aaron: We're doing a table and bench for Giancarlo Valle's new office on Canal Street, which is pretty cool. We're also making knobs and door pulls out of mahogany and ebony for our new collection (Collection III 2019), which we plan to show at Galerie Michael Bargo in the fall. We're working on a new collection that will be exhibited during Paris design week in September.—chairs with raffia cushions and new screens. We're also working on a new candle for 2020.︎